Download Jurassic Life: T Rex Simulator android apk game free

Jurassic Life: T Rex Simulator APK [Free Download]

Travel back in time to a lost world of dinosaurs and live life as a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex! Explore a huge prehistoric jungle stuffed with danger at each flip. Raise a family, seek out food, and battle for your life against legendary dinosaurs just like the flying reptile, horned dinosaur, maniraptor and plenty of more!

Game options

+ T. REX machine – you will need to take care of your health, hunger, thirst and energy if you are going to survive in an exceedingly hostile prehistoric jungle!

+ EPIC BATTLES – Use your powerful jaws, fierce roar, and swift speed to catch a tasty snack and fight dangerous foes!

+ begin A FAMILY – notice a mate to bond with and lift your terribly circle of relatives of dinosaurs to assist you hunt! Watch your babies grow in size and assist you in combat!

+ LEVEL UP YOUR T. REX – Gain expertise by defeating alternative dinosaurs and level up your T. Rex family to extend their health, attack harm, and even unlock new attacks!

+ DINO SURVIVAL GUIDE – Look to your handy survival guide for info on enemy dinosaurs, a map of the island, and a bonus fossil scavenger hunt!

Go and download the game from this website ! Jurassic Life: T Rex Simulator.apk has all the original freatures and can be downloaded for Free !


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